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  • 20 Dec 2016 5:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    During the December 14, 2016 WCAPN Board of Directors meeting the board approved the associations 2017 strategic plan. View the new plan!

  • 21 Nov 2016 5:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    To commemorate National Nurse Practitioner week, a State House of Representative member, a State Senator, and six nurse practitioners joined Governor Matt Mead for reading and signing a proclamation recognizing November 13-19th, 2016 as Nurse Practitioner week in Wyoming.  Before signing the proclamation, Governor Mead asked the nurse practitioners to speak on behalf of their profession.  Many aspects of the importance of nurse practitioners in Wyoming were shared.  Nurse practitioners ensure access to health care for rural Wyomingites, serving in communities where patients would otherwise not receive care unless they traveled long distances.  Nurse practitioners also serve in critical access hospitals, helping to stabilize patients with life-threatening conditions before they are transferred to other facilities.  Having full practice authority in Wyoming allows nurse practitioners to practice independently, which in turn helps lower healthcare costs by increasing access to affordable care.  By growing the nurse practitioner supply and supporting the nurse practitioner role, Wyoming can continue to help its citizens meet their healthcare needs. Furthermore, data from multiple research studies provides overwhelming evidence that NPs provide high quality care that results in patient outcomes equivalent to physician-delivered care.

  • 14 Sep 2016 3:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On behalf of the WCAPN Board of Directors, submitted to the membership are  seven (7) proposed bylaw amendments. These amendments include various items as well as substantive changes that reflect our ongoing commitment to this organization as it continues to evolve.

    Current paid members will vote on these proposed amendments at the upcoming WCAPN Annual Meeting, which will be held on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 12:15 p.m, in the South Ballroom at the Ramkota, Casper, Wyoming.

    A summary of all seven (7) proposed amendments to the bylaws are outlined below.  

    Amendment 1:
    Article 3 – Membership

    • Section 1: Regular membership now includes both active and retired APRNs either practicing or living in the State of Wyoming. 
    • Section 2: Student members will now hold the right to vote.
    • Section 3: Affiliate membership has consolidated associate membership and organization/corporate members. These will not have voting privileges, will not be permitted to hold office or chair a committee. However, these members will be privileged to serve on a committee, lending their experience and expertise at the invitation of the Board. 

    Amendment 2:
    Article 4 – Dues

    • Notification of any proposed change to dues is to be delivered to the general membership at least 30 days prior to the Annual Membership meeting. Notification was 90 days but in light of the interactive website and other forms of electronic communication, the notification time can be reduced. Any dues adjustments approved by the general membership will take effect immediately.
    • Dues will not be prorated and will be due annually on September 1st. 

    Amendment 3:
    Article 5 – Board

    • Section 2: The board will compose of 11 members. Members at large will now be elected from and by the general membership and not appointed by the Board. The transition of the new elections for member at large will commence with the 2017 fall election. The Executive Director and AANP State Rep are now ex-officio (non-elected) members of the Board.
    • Section 3: Rather than state a minimum number of meetings, the amendment will incorporate the Annual Membership meeting and the annual Strategic Planning meeting with a general statement that other meetings can and will take place either as the need arises or as part of the strategic planning process. Meetings can be face-to-face or via electronic means.

    Amendment 4:
    Article 6 – Duties and Roles of Board

    • Section 1: The President will no longer work with the Treasurer to complete the Federal Tax returns each year.
    • Section 3: Clarification to the role of Immediate Past-President to a supportive role for the benefit of the entire Board.
    • Section 4: The secretary will no longer maintain a permanent record of minutes.  That is a part of the Executive Director contracted role.  
    • Section 5: Revised wording to shift the primary oversight of funds to the Executive Director and the role of treasurer now is one of monitoring, reviewing, and approving financial goals and transactions.

    Amendment 5:
    Article 7 – Ex-Officio Board Members 

    • Section 1: Refines the role description for the Executive Director with reference to the current Executive Director contract. 
    • Section 2: Defined new status of AANP State Representative as an ex-officio Board member.  Leads the legislative activities and actions of WCAPN.

    Amendment 6:
    Article 9 – Annual Elections

    • Call for nominations now being accomplished by Executive Director posting electronically to membership.

    Amendment 7:
    Article 10 – Committees

    • Section 2: Places all committees, other than the conference committee at the discretion of the Board on an as needed basis.

    To download the complete document outlining all seven (7) amendments, click here

    If you have further questions or comments, please direct them to the WCAPN Board of Directors, contact information for the board can be found at

  • 26 Aug 2016 3:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The atypical insulin resistance study seeks to explore various characteristics associated with persons who have type 2 diabetes mellitus who use large doses of insulin -  defined as a total daily insulin dose of greater than 1.5 units/kg – and analyze them against persons with type 2 diabetes using smaller doses of insulin.

    Study eligibility – must be over the age of 21, must have type 2 diabetes for at least five years and use insulin daily, you may be not pregnant.

    Visit to submit a contact form and request information

    Primary investigator: Alicia LePard, MSN, FNP, GNP, ACNP, BC-ADM, CDE or email

  • 26 Aug 2016 3:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Nurse Practitioner educators have frequently asked NSO for risk education materials for use in their classrooms. Given this, NSO has developed a process to make it easy for educators to regularly receive NSO risk education material.

    This link will take you to a page on the NSO site where you can register for their Educator Program. Through this page you will be able to indicate the type of material you would like to receive (case studies, risk management checklists, newsletters or articles), how frequently you'd like to receive it, and your preferred format.

    Click HERE for more information.

  • 15 Aug 2016 12:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    WCAPN membership will be electing two positions to the Board of Directors (President-Elect and Secretary).

    All current WCAPN members will receive their ballot by email on Wednesday, September, 14, 2016.  In order to vote your membership dues must be current and paid in full by September 1, 2016. Voting will close on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.

    Election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 15 at the Ramkota Hotel, Casper, Wyoming.

    President-Elect Candidates 

    Colleen M. Butler, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
    Click here to learn more about Colleen

    Velvet Hiser, FNP-C
    Click here to learn more about Velvet

    Secretary Candidates 

    Colby Butler, FNP-C
    Click here to learn more about Colby

    Judith E. McDowell, NP-C
    Click here to learn more about Judith

  • 19 Jul 2016 4:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Comment period ends Monday, July 25, 2016

    AANP launched Veterans Deserve Care, a national multi-media campaign to raise the general public’s awareness of the need to provide patients in VA facilities with timely health care through direct access to NPs and other APRNs.  Lead by AANP and supported by veterans, caregivers and citizens nationwide, the campaign is being publicized through national television and radio spots, digital media, and grassroots efforts in an effort to raise awareness for the unprecedented opportunity to improve health care access for our nation’s veterans. is an issue advocacy website that enables supporters to submit comments directly to the VA via the federal register.

    The proposed rule is open for public comment through July 25, 2016.  For additional information about the campaign and to find how you can make a difference, visit  

  • 28 Jun 2016 1:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    For 35 years, Nurses Service Organization (NSO) has been safeguarding nursing professionals from medical malpractice lawsuits and state board of nursing inquiries. NSO is pleased to welcome WCAPN as our newest association partner and is the preferred provider of professional liability insurance. Learn more about WCAPN discounts and coverage visit or call 1-800-247-1500 and make sure you state you are a WCAPN member?

  • 27 Jun 2016 1:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    After 26 years with the VA, Ann Enlow, FNP, Cheyenne, retires.  Ann served as President for WCAPN for many years.  On behalf of the WCAPN Board of Directors and membership we congratulate Ann on her retirement. 

  • 23 Jun 2016 1:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    President-elect and Secretary--Deadline July 31, 2016

    WCAPN is seeking interested members who wish to serve in a leadership role on the Board of Directors.  Elected in 2016 by the members through a statewide ballot is:

    • President-Elect
    • Secretary

    The position of President-elect will serve for three years serving as President-elect during year one, serving as President during year two, and serving as Past President the third year. The President-elect serves primarily in a learning role by assisting the President in the business of WCAPN. 

    The President-elect will assume the duties of President in the fall of 2017.  The President presides over Board and meetings.  Represents (or designates representative of) the WCAPN in business, legislative, and other related activities.  Directs (or appoints leadership for) activities of the council including educational, legislative, and public presentation.  Appoints committees and leadership of committees, and directs activity/purpose of committee.

    The Past President serves in a support/mentoring role for the Board.  May assume temporary leadership position in the temporary absence of the President.

    The position of Secretary will serve for a two-year term. The Secretary's primary role is to record minutes of board meetings and during the annual meeting. Provides other correspondences and written material as directed by the President and/or board.

    Currently the WCAPN board meets four times a year.  Two of those meetings are face-to-face and the other two are by conference call. 

    All interested candidates for office must be a current WCAPN member.  Each candidate needs to complete a “Consent to Serve” form.  The form along with a head-shot of yourself needs to be sent to the WCAPN office by July 31, 2016.

    Elections will occur in September and the winners will be announced at the annual meeting which is held on Saturday, October 15th in Casper.

    If you have any questions or need further information contact Tobi Moore, Executive Director at

    Download the "Consent to Serve"

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